Why do you require payment before service, and only confirm service when that payment is received?

We understand plans change. We are also not the assuming type. You know what they say about that! ;) To ensure everyone is on the same page, payment is your confirmation that the service is still needed. Plus we don’t want to be bill collectors, that’s a bummer.

Will my furbaby be seeing the same caregiver every time?

We believe work-life balance is important. We also support our caregivers’ artistic endeavors. We want to be able to give them days off for rest, other pursuits, and special opportunities that arise. Secondly, we always make sure that there’s a caregiver for backup in case someone gets sick or has an emergency. Don’t worry: your furry friends won’t be left high and dry!

Why Venmo?

Venmo is the easiest, simplest, fastest payment method we have found.

When do you make your schedule?

We make our schedule weekly on Sundays at 6pm. That being said, it sure does help us out to have requests sooner and gives you more of an opportunity to have the availability you need.

Why are the client profiles so important? 

We get A LOT of emails. To ensure the caregiver who will be seeing your furbaby has all the info they need, the client profile is the way to go. All of our caregivers know to check this at every visit.

We don’t live in your house. Something obvious to you is not obvious to us. We want to take care of them the best way we can. So please be VERY detailed!

Why don’t you utilize text messaging?

We used to. It was a hot mess - receiving texts at 4am isn’t cool. Also, texts can’t be saved, searched or archived. Emails, however, can.

Why don’t you have someone answering a phone?

We are not a brick & mortar business, and we don’t have someone sitting at a desk all day. We are all out in the field every day focusing on the pups & kitties we are with. This allows us to 1) focus on task at hand 2) focus on your request/question when we have ample time to do so.