In order to give your pets the quality care they deserve and you expect, please adhere to the following policies.If you have any questions, please let us know.


Submit all availability inquires, quote requests, special inquires, or service requests by booking online. Office hours are 9am-6pm. If you've sent a request within that window, we will get back to you by end of day. If you've reached us after hours, we will get back to you the next business day. All requests are responded to in the order in which they were received. So that we can remain responsive, please limit phone calls to emergencies only: 323.577.8482. Additionally our number does not accept text messages. 


We only confirm, schedule, and reserve any and all services once payment is made. We make our schedule weekly on Sundays at 6pm. That being said, it sure does help us out to have requests sooner and gives you more of an opportunity to have the availability you need. We work as a team to maximize flexibility and availability.


METHODS: The only payment method we accept is Venmo. Our username is @viva-pets.  Need a Venmo account, don't know what it is, need help? Set up a Venmo account

DUE: After you book online, we will send you an invoice with the total amount owed. Only when we receive payment is your visit confirmed and reserved. 

For set schedules reoccurring every week, payment is due no later than Sunday prior to the upcoming week @ 6pm. We will send a courtesy weekly Venmo request on Fridays as a reminder.  


LAST MINUTE BOOKING FEE: Any booking request or payment made after 6pm for the following day is an additional $10 per visit. We try to accommodate all last minute requests but it is not guaranteed we will have the availability. 

CANCELLATION FEE: Any booking cancelled after 6pm for the following day will be charged for visit. All cancellations need to be submitted through our booking page.

HOLIDAYS: All holidays are an additional $10 per visit.

2019 holidays - Sep 2nd, Nov 11th, winter holidays TBD.

HOLIDAY CANCELLATION FEE: We will fully refund any holiday week booking cancelled 72 hours prior to the first scheduled visit. If a visit is cancelled after that, your payment will be forfeited.

Why do we have these fees? Our schedule is finalized for the next day at 6pm. If we receive requests after this time, the schedule of clients & caregivers needs to be completely redone. 


Help us help you! Please keep your client profile information current and up to date. All details pertaining to visits should be put on your profile. Avoid information getting lost in the email shuffle. Need your link? Submit your email. Make your life easier: visit your App Store and download the Google Docs application.


We do not have a brick & mortar location & thus do not have a drop off location.

  1. VIVA PETS keeps your key on file (if obtained at meet & greet) or

  2. You provide a lock box at your residence that contains the key and provide VIVA PETS with the code or

  3. Your key may be picked up by a caregiver at your residence for a $25 fee

SECURITY & SAFETY - For these reasons, keys are not to be left out unsecured (i.e. under a mat, in a planter, bush, mailbox etc.). If you leave your key(s) out this way, then a caregiver will collect immediately and we will charge a Last Minute Booking Fee of a minimum of $35. If this occurs outside of business hours an additional fee applies. In turn we will never leave your key at your residence unsecured.

SECURED BUILDINGS - We must be given a key, FOB, or access code to gain entrance to building. We can not rely on being buzzed in or let in by other tenants coming & going. This can seriously affect our schedule & the time management of our day.


In areas that have difficult parking – such as Downtown, Koreatown, West Hollywood, etc. – we can only book visits if parking is provided (driveway, parking spot, guest parking etc) or if client agrees to reimburse all parking fees (parking meters, lots, etc.). If a client does not disclose difficult parking areas, arrangements are not discussed prior to visits and more time is needed to secure parking, then that amount of time will be added to the visit. If additional time is needed, this will be included in the email report we send at each visit and invoiced on the last visit. 


Please provide an appropriate amount of supplies (poop bags, food, cat litter, etc.) for your visits. This maximizes the amount of quality time spent with your pet. If additional supplies are needed during duration of visits, we recommend ordering supplies online & having them shipped to your residence. We also offer supply shopping starting at $25 + supply reimbursement.


If a caregiver is bitten and feels unsafe with your pet, you will be notified immediately and service will be discontinued.