VIVA PETS is based in Los Angeles. We offer our services in the following neighborhoods: Echo Park, Silver Lake, Los Feliz, Angeleno Heights, Downtown, Eagle Rock, Hollywood, Highland Park, Koreatown, and surrounding areas. 



Pee Break
(M-F 12-3pm, 1mi radius)


30-min Visit


45-min Visit


60-min Visit


60-min Group Walk


90-min Visit


(8pm - 8am)


Meet & Greet


Supply Shopping




Regular business hours are 9am-6pm

Other fees

Additional Pets

$5 per pet

Last minute
booking request

$10 / visit

$10 / visit

Before / After hours

8am-9am or 6pm-8pm


Before 8am or After 8pm


What can you expect? After each visit we send an email update with our visit checklist, including a photo of your furry friend! 


Does your pet need to be fed or need medication? No prob, we don't charge extra for these things – it's simply a part of our visit. If none of these things are needed then your pooch will, as always, get a full walk or your kitty will get a full hang. It's completely up to you what we do when we visit.