VIVA PETS is based in Los Angeles. We offer our services in the following neighborhoods: Echo Park, Silver Lake, Los Feliz, Angeleno Heights, Downtown, Eagle Rock, Hollywood, Highland Park, Koreatown, and surrounding areas. 

Regular business hours are 9am-6pm

$17 — pee break (M-F 12pm-3pm, dogs only, limited to certain areas)

$25 — 30 min. visit

$40 — 60 min. visit

$40 — 60 min. group walk

$80 — 12 hr. overnight

$5 for each additional pet (after first pet)

$10 additional for holidays

$35 meet & greet (optional

After hours

$10 additional 8am-9am, 6pm-8pm

$20 additional before 8am & after 8pm



It's completely up to you what we do when we visit. 

Does your pet need to be fed or need medication? No prob, we don't charge extra for these things – it's simply a part of our visit. If none of these things are needed then your pooch will, as always, get a full walk or your kitty will get a full hang.