Loving animals isn't our business. It's our lifestyle. 

I recently discovered I love breakfast tacos but good coffee is my favorite thing to indulge in.

You can usually find me at a show.

I like to read non fiction books – nutrition, biographies & self help.

I’m pretty much a hippie (vegan for life, I tote around reusable cups/utensils because I like the environment & I enjoy making non chemical household items) except for fashion, I definitely don’t look like a hippie.

My heart belongs to my two dogs, Lydia & Floyd, & my cat Bowie.

I'm a crazy cat lady to the core. 

My two favorite TV shows are the original Star Trek and Gilmore Girls.

I have been an ethical vegan for 20 years. 

Thrift store shopping is my obsession. 

I live with my boyfriend and 17 year old cat, Chorizo. 

Obsessed with Pepe’s bean & cheese burritos.

I’m known to take over the music at a party & get the crowd hyped.

My home was like a zoo growing up.

I have really big fluffy 80s hair & rock hoop earrings.

I am an Art Coordinator, Production Manager & Producer. 

My fur baby is a Shih Tzu, Russell (named after the little boy in Up).

I was destined to be a cat lady. As a Leo who was born in the year of the Tiger, what choice did I have? Although I'd love to open a skunk sanctuary. 

Bret Michaels once cried to me and told me he could see me through my eyes. 

My first concert was David Bowie.

I've been married for 7 years and I have 2 kids, but I still get carded to watch rated R movies. 

I have 6 animals, but the baby of the house is our cat, Atari. 

I am a drummer and photographer, and had a lengthy career in the music business.

I grew up on a (non-working) farm in Massachusetts where I learned to love and care for animals. 

I have been a pescatarian for 20 years.

I will only wear a suit to a wedding or a funeral...but almost never a tie.

I meditate twice a day. 

I love looking like a real-life cartoon character.

I’m a film junkie & book nerd.

The majority of my wardrobe is dresses.

I have a huge sweet tooth.

When I’m not working, I’m at school or volunteering to help feed people living on the streets.

I have two rabbits, Bianca & Casey, & two cats, Anya & Nacho.


Vegan for the animals.

My life is driven by & revolves around music.

Appreciator of things geeky: video games, comics, etc!

I have a major weakness for vegan sweets.

My lack of movie knowledge has been known to frustrate & boggle minds.

My fur babies are a grumpy old man dog, Ein, three rescue cats, Charlotte, Little & Squeegee.


My best friend taught me how to play guitar when we were 16. We are still best friends.

My childhood dog was a German short-haired pointer/English pointer mix and he was terrified of fireworks.

Pink Ladies are my favorite type of apples.

Along with guitar, I also play drums and ukulele.

I love dogs more than humans.