Loving animals isn't our business. It's our lifestyle. 

 AUBRIE, founder

AUBRIE, founder

Hi! I'm Aubrie the founder of VIVA PETS and have a couple words before you read some fun silly facts about us! 

Love for animals is something that has remained constant throughout my entire life. While doing lots of pet sitting/walking, it always seemed like a hobby and not a job. Over the years I have been first picked by friends and family to care for their furry family members. After two years of noticing many referrals and my community of pet clients growing, it was time to make a decision to turn a hobby into something more; and so VIVA PETS was born! Six years later and now with a power-packed team, we are able to make more furry friends across Los Angeles. We are a small, tight-knit group of my friends whom I’ve known from 2-18 years. We are NOT the Uber of pet sitting: we know your furry friend; we work as a team so we are all familiar with the going-ons with them; and we have monthly meetings/trainings to ensure we are providing the best experience for them and yourself. This is more than filling up bowls and tugging on leashes for us, and I hope that you can tell! xo!


I love breakfast tacos but good coffee is my favorite thing to indulge in.

You can usually find me listening to The Smiths, involved in activism, cooking from scratch, trying hard not to kill plants, or making some DIY version of pretty much anything. 

I like to read non fiction books – nutrition, biographies & self help. Or Harry Potter, the exception to the non fiction obsession. 

I’m pretty much a hippie (vegan for life, I tote around reusable cups/utensils because I like the environment & I enjoy making non chemical household items) except for fashion, I definitely don’t look like a hippie.

My heart belongs to my two dogs, Lydia & Floyd, & my cat Bowie. I would rather spend my free time with them more than anyone else. 



I'm a crazy cat lady to the core. 

My two favorite TV shows are the original Star Trek and Gilmore Girls.

I have been an ethical vegan for 20 years. 

Thrift store shopping is my obsession. 

I live with my boyfriend and 17 year old cat, Chorizo. 



Obsessed with Pepe’s bean & cheese burritos.

I’m known to take over the music at a party & get the crowd hyped.

My home was like a zoo growing up.

I have really big fluffy 80s hair & rock hoop earrings.

I am an Art Coordinator, Production Manager & Producer. 

My fur baby is a Shih Tzu, Russell (named after the little boy in Up).



I was destined to be a cat lady. As a Leo who was born in the year of the Tiger, what choice did I have? Although I'd love to open a skunk sanctuary. 

Bret Michaels once cried to me and told me he could see me through my eyes. 

My first concert was David Bowie.

I've been married for 7 years and I have 2 kids, but I still get carded to watch rated R movies. 

I have 6 animals, but the baby of the house is our cat, Atari. 



I am a drummer and photographer, and had a lengthy career in the music business.

I grew up on a (non-working) farm in Massachusetts where I learned to love and care for animals. 

I have been a pescatarian for 20 years.

I will only wear a suit to a wedding or a funeral...but almost never a tie.

I meditate twice a day. 



I grew up in the swamps of Louisiana in a neighborhood named Alligator Bayou.

I wanted to be a professional painter until I got a job painting an amplifier and subsequently joined a rock band.

I assisted my sister/best friend in opening up the world's first Cajun vegan restaurant in NoHo named Krimsey's!

My doggie is called Bea, short for Beatrice. I have reserved "Miss Beatrice" for her later years in life.

I am an aspiring thereminist and mime in training.



I love looking like a real-life cartoon character.

I’m a film junkie & book nerd.

The majority of my wardrobe is dresses.

I have a huge sweet tooth.

When I’m not working, I’m at school or volunteering to help feed people living on the streets.

I have two rabbits, Bianca & Casey, & two cats, Anya & Nacho.



Vegan for the animals.

My life is driven by & revolves around music.

Appreciator of things geeky: video games, comics, etc!

I have a major weakness for vegan sweets.

My lack of movie knowledge has been known to frustrate & boggle minds.

My fur babies are a grumpy old man dog, Ein, three rescue cats, Charlotte, Little & Squeegee.